Online Orders to Canada and USA

You can now buy our products on-line for the USA and Canada

Steps to order

  1. Write us at
  2. We will confirm your order sending you a Paypal invoice
  3. Make the payment online at in your Paypal account and let us know that the payment was made
  4. The following Monday your order will be shipped (we don´t ship over the weekend since the Guava Sauce is refrigerated)
  5. You will receive an e-mail from UPS with your guide
  6. Your Guava Sauce will be arriving at your door on Wednesday or Thursday of that same week

Products that you can order

1 box of Guava Sauce (refrigerated) with 18 bags of 450 gr (1 lb)

1 box of Guava Candy with 18 500gr (1.1 lb) bars

1 box of Guava Candy Fireballs, 60 bags with 6 balls in each bag


The cost of one box delivered to your door in all of the continental USA and southern part of Canada is only $79.90 (plus a $20 customs charge per shipment) which comes out to $5.55 a bag for one box

Two boxes $179.80, which comes out to $4.99 a bag

Three boxes $ 259.70, which comes out to $4.81 a bag

Order now and take advantage of our on-line recipes and treat your friends to some natural tropical treats


Por nuestros cllientes en México escribános a y les mandamos la cotización para que puede recibir nuestros productos a la puerta de su casa o negocio


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