A new product from guava that´s a health food

It’s a new product. It’s fantastic, It’s a name you won’t find in your dictionary. Find out today about GUAVA SAUCE

Our food company in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico is the creator and only producer of guava sauce for commercial consumption. Guava puree has been made by companies which produce baby food but in very small quantities and at high prices. Our product is a guava sauce that is much like applesauce but with many qualities that applesauce doesn’t have.

Guava is a tropical fruit with a distinctive tasty flavour. It is also high in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Our finished product retains these beneficial nutrients.
Even though our product can be used in many ways it is especially tasty on pancakes, in yogurt, on ice cream or just naturally as it is sold.

We are a fledging company and we don’t have access to the special types of guava that we need in big quantities. Our facilities at this time do not warrant mass production. For these reasons we are not offering our product on the open market as we would not be able to fulfill the demand. We are looking for a small market of two tons of product a month or less that would help get us established.

Even though there are many types of guava in the world, most are full of seeds and have very little pulp. We have grown two special types of guava that are unique for the product that we are producing. These varieties are the Pear Guava and Portugal Guava.
We are looking to sign a contract with a single company for one year to give that company exclusive rights to our product and at the same time give that company a delicious new product that nobody else has on the market. The marketing advantages of our product are immense.

Some of these are:
a) Tropical fruits are the ‘in’ foods at this time
b) Our product has a high source of vitamin C
c) The antioxidant qualities of our product are saleable
d) The cost of the product is very reasonable
e) The guava sauce at this time is 100% natural with no preservatives
f) Our product is transported frozen
g) Our product has been analyzed by the Instituto Tecnologico de Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico and accepted as a project for postgraduate work for further development.
h) Our sauce can be used by itself, in smoothies or as a topping
i) We are close to your market and our shipping costs are very reasonable


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